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Our goal is to spread awareness about rabbits as pets and their needs, to both rabbit owners and people considering getting a rabbit. Right now, there is the misconception that rabbits are a 'disposable' pet and are generally unintelligent, uninteresting animals that are best left in a cage.

This is completely untrue.

Rabbits are trainable, affectionate and intelligent animals whom are capable of far more then people give them credit for. Generally, the fact that they can be litter trained is met with utter amazement. The looks on people's faces when they realize rabbits can be trained to recognize voice commands and run agility courses completely on their own is simply unbelievable.

Rabbits are also a large responsibility that can grow to be expensive, especially if vet care is needed. We will be having volunteer vets at the event to answer questions from the public, as well as talks from individuals on important aspects of rabbit health and behavior such as diet, housing, grooming and training.

We will be inviting responsible pet stores who supply proper, rabbit-safe products to pet owners.

Our goal is to show that rabbits are just as worthy of attention and love as cats and dogs, not just the unintelligent 'rodent' that they are thought to be...

Bunanza is sponsored by and helps to support the rescue efforts of AAORR.

Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue