Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue

Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue

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Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue

Reasons to adopt:

Offer Animals New Hope - Many pets are victims of circumstance - moving, allergies, lack of forethought & deserve a new home. These bunnies bring you unconditional love & companionship. Be a bunny hero! Adopters are heroes in the battle against pet overpopulation & to their new pet!

Adoption fee's for adopting rabbits vary & will be discussed during the first meeting. We do ask for a minimum donation of $50 to help cover vet costs.

Donations are gladly accepted so that we can continue to provide the best care possible for all rabbits as well as getting them spayed & neutered before going to their new homes as well as any other vet costs they may have.

Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue

Rabbits for adoption!

Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue

Name: Alastor
Gender: Intact Buck (To be neutered June 29, 2017)
Breed: Mix Breed
Age: Adult
Intake Date: April 29, 2017

Meet Alastor

Alastor was brought to us by someone who found him with an injury to his eye. At first we weren't sure how his eye was, as it was sealed shut with mucus and he was unable to open it but when the mucus was cleared away it showed there was certainly an injury to the lid around it, but thankfully the eye itself appears to be ok. He had a number of other wounds on him as well.

He'll be resting and recuperating, he's quite frightened, and understandably so. During his vet exam it was noted that he had an extremely slow heart rate, which was of concern so he will be closely watched to make sure he is doing alright.

Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue

Name: Mikah
Gender: Spayed Doe
Breed: Holland Lop Cross
Born: September 14, 2014
Intake Date: October 31, 2014

Meet Mikah, a very sweet little special needs rabbit who is looking for a home to suit her very specific needs.

Mikah was a transfer from Red Deer at another rescue who did not have space for her and her siblings. Her mother had been surrendered there after being dumped off by a petting zoo that was done business for the season and wanted to get rid of their 25 bunnies. Mikah was then born while with her foster there, while her mother was still nursing a previous litter.

Mikah began to develop rather severe cataracts at a very young age. They developed very quickly and soon began taking away her vision. We opted to take her to an eye specialist for care and it was decided the best thing for Mikah was to attempt to remove the cataract in her eye to relieve the pressure from the cataract as well as hopefully save her vision.

We did the surgery in her right eye, the one that was worse off, and discovered the cataract had actually opened at the back of it and was releasing debris in to other parts of her eye and causing chronic inflammation, making the risk of glaucoma quite high. The surgery went well and all the debris was removed, she came out of the surgery able to see again. Unfortunately, as her eye healed, the scarring was worse then originally anticipated causing a tightening of the retina and eventually, a tear which took away her vision in that eye once more. She is now blind in her right eye and only able to see shapes and light through her left.

The surgery did dramatically reduce the risk for glaucoma and other problems from developing in her right eye, but she is on eye drops for life in her left eye. Right now she receives anti-inflammatory drops a number of times a week to prevent the cataract in the remaining eye from worsening and to help prevent glaucoma from developing.

Despite not having much for vision, she is a very sweet girl who enjoys people and would likely be a good bunny for bonding....

Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue

Name: Romeo
Gender: Intact Buck (Neuter scheduled for May 25, 2017)
Breed: Mix Wool Breed
Age: Adult (Estimate 2015)
Intake Date: April 30, 2017

Say hello to Romeo!

Someone had posted about Romeo on YYC Pet Recovery (An absolutely fantastic facebook page that shares posts about lost, found or stray pets in the city) when they discovered he had been living under a truck for three days. We noticed right away from the pictures that he had long hair that was quite matted and it seemed to be falling away from his skin. We went out and got him, and discovered that he was quite seriously matted around his body, but other then that seemed ok.

Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue

Permanent Fosters.

Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue

Name: Clyde
Gender: Neutered Buck (Neutered in 2010)
Breed: Mini Rex
Age: Born 2007
Intake Date: April 29, 2017

Meet Clyde

Clyde is an approximately 10 year old neutered male that will be one of our permanent fosters.

We met Clyde a few years ago when he was taken in by someone who had adopted from us previously. However she was unable to keep them and he has been bounced around quite a bit since. He had originally been with his bondmate, Bonnie, whom he was extremely close with but we learned sadly passed away a few months ago. Yesterday I saw a post online and immediately recognized Clyde. Knowing that he had health problems, we just knew we had to help him, especially after learning he had lost Bonnie.

He had his vet visit tonight (April 20, 2017) and sadly he has more problems then we initially realized.

He has his respiratory issues, which we knew were a problem so we had a culture done and should be getting results soon, but to do it the vet had to do a flush through the tear duct and they had a hard time doing it due to the swelling and build up in the duct itself. Luckily his lungs were clear.

His eyes are occasionally quite bulgy, which is due to a problem with blood pressure. They bulge quite a bit whenever he gets stressed or is in a certain position. His heart has a noticeable murmur, and when we did x-rays it revealed there are two masses in his chest. Whether they are tumors or abscesses we aren't sure, the only way to be certain is an ultrasound or CT scan which was are not willing to subject him to at this point considering his age and condition.

The second the vet went to palpate his bladder he reacted very strongly, and peed a large amount as well as sludge. X-rays revealed a fair bit of sludge in his bladder and a likely UTI as well.

His rear end was matted with pee so it was shaved, the tail took a while because it was so rock hard. They had to try cleaning it before they could get the blades through.

Overall, Clyde is in need of some serious TLC but some of it can be hopefully worked with and managed, so we're going to get him as healthy as he can so he can live out his last few months/years in a good home. We feel like he deserves at least that much.

Update May 1, 2017:

We did get Clyde's results back from his culture and it was not what we were expecting. The bacteria that grew in the culture was Pseudomonas Aeruginosa as well as Enterobacter Cloacae, a strain that does not have many medications effective against it, and even fewer still that can be given to rabbits. He's starting his new antibiotic, which hopefully he will respond to positively.

On the upside, his urine seems to have improved and his bladder felt better, as well as having quite a bit more energy for this vet visit then his last so he seems to be feeling better!

Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue

Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue