Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue

Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue

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Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue

Considering Adopting a Rabbit?:

Many people decide they want a rabbit based off their adorable looks and charm. Growing up, rabbits have been used by the media and depicted as sweet and easily handled animals, as well as the old notion that they were perfectly happy caged and thrown a carrot once in a while.

As anyone who has had a rabbit would know, this is not true.

Rabbits are quirky, fun creatures who are a lot of fun to watch and interact with, although if you are looking for a cuddly animal chances are rabbits are not for you. Some rabbits will tolerate being cuddled, although they tend to not enjoy it and would much rather be running around the house and playing. However, don't take this as them being antisocial as many respond to their names and will come running, as well as follow you around the house and laying down for head rubs.

However, they are prey animals and contrary to what many people believe, they do not make ideal pets for small children. They are delicate and don't like loud sounds of fast movement and tend to avoid children, which can be frustrating for your kid. If handled incorrectly, they are also easily injured.

They also do much better as indoor pets, the best housing being a large x-pen so they have room to run around and be a bunny. Traditional rabbit cages are generally too small for a rabbit. They are also litter-trainable and are naturally clean animals (Although spayed/neutered rabbits are definitely cleaner).

The most important part of a rabbits diet is hay, so if you have allergies to hay then a rabbit may not be the pet for you.

Vet care for a rabbit is also quite expensive, so be prepared in the case of an emergency and have a fund built just in case.